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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Charm Pack Extravaganza!

I'm not really sure if extravaganza (def: an elaborate and spectacular production) is the exact description for this post, but it has a "ring" to it!!

Recently I went shopping on eBay for some 5" charm packs for a leader/ender project, and found not only a couple for the project but one that was perfect to tuck into a friend's birthday gift. I was a bit disappointed when the seller contacted me and said that that particular charm pack was no longer available, and wanted to know if I wanted a refund or to choose another charm pack its place. Well...of course I DIDN'T want a refund, what sane quilter doesn't purchase more than she/he needs!! So I chose "Winter's Song" by Holly Taylor for Moda.

The photo actually does not depict how lovely these fabrics really are!! (BTW - this charm pack didn't get tucked into my friend's gift - I kept it for myself!!😜😜) I've been eyeing a table topper pattern that Marie shared on her blog (her link is at the end of the post) and of course it had stars!! But I didn't stop there! I stitched up six little quilt / table toppers / mug rugs with one charm pack! I did dig in my stash for some border treatments and setting squares, but I was delighted with the results! In my view - a real "extravaganza"!!!

These measure: 12" x 18", 13" x 13", 15" x15", and 10" x 10".

This little cutie is about 6" x 9" and those hst are about the size of a dime.

This mug rug is about 10" square.

A couple of years ago, I bought several yards of Christmas themed fabric from a shop going out of business. One piece was holly on a black background and I have wondered why I got it as I don't really like black, but it was perfect for the backing for the first five quilts. And get this: it is was called "Winter Song" by Deb Strain for Moda! My favorite Christmas quilting motif is holly clusters and I went all out!

Wishing each of you a blessed, joyful Christmas season! And remember:

Be filled with wonder
Be touched by peace
Believe the Miracle!

Blessings and hugs!


Monday, November 28, 2016

Flying Geese and Arrows!

Daughter Mandie pieced this beauty and I finally got it quilted and bound for her right after Thanksgiving! It is going on GS Asa's bed and I think it is perfect!

Hope each of you had a blessed Thanksgiving and your days ahead are filled with the joy and wonder of the upcoming season!

Great big hugs from Texas!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Good Day For Stitchin'

It's cool and drizzly outside...

The wood burning stove is going...

A nice cup of tea in my new tea cup...

So I've stitched most of the day!! I needed a gift for a friend (she doesn't blog so I can safely share!!) and have been humming and hawing for a few days pondering what to do. I decided to make a quilt, but alas really don't know her tastes that well,  so wasn't sure. I asked her favorite color (that's a safe enough question don't you think! LOL) Turquoise! I knew just the thing - a quilt from blocks I won in a quilt guild drawing, some with a hint of turquoise! Rummaged through my scraps and stash and even dipped into my daughter's stash (she loves turquoise!!) and came up with this...


It measures about 67" x 85" which makes a nice size NAP quilt!

There was one block that was missed sized but had some cute, cute fabrics! Perfect for a doll quilt!

And there were even two blocks left over. I want to send them to whomever can use them! They are 12 inch blocks (finished) and I will include the pattern if the recipient desires to make more! Just email me (available on my profile) with your address and I will get them in the mail to you! (First come, first served).

Hope this finds each of you enjoying your day! Blessings and hugs!