Sunday, October 7, 2018

Aspiring Seamstress

During the summer, two of our granddaughters spent three days a week with us.  Gracen, our oldest, had been asking for months if I would teach her to sew, and I told her that I would teach her during the summer. So I fixed up the 1953 Singer Class 66 for her.

And she took right to it!! 

Her first project was a doll quilt for her cousins whose names all start with “E”. She chose the fabrics and cut the pieces and then I stitched them for her.

Her mom had a box of 4” and 5” blocks, so Gracen would select blocks and then stitch them together. I would pin them for her, and I marked the seam allowance on the plate of the sewing machine. 

She even machine quilted this little beauty all by herself. I marked the lines with masking tape and she stitched right smartly!

It was so fun to help her! Such a joy for Nene to share her love of fabric!

While we were sewing, Charlea, Gracen’s little sister, played with Cedric the guardian dog! 

Hope this finds each of you enjoying life!

Blessings and hugs!


  1. Oh, how wonderful to learn to sew on that gorgeous 'old' Singer! Nene's little quilt is a vision splendid. What a clever little girl she is. It seems she has inherited her Nene's stitching magic! Such joyous and fun memories for the both of you to store away in your hearts.

  2. What fun and wow she has relly done some great work there. You have competition on your hands I can see. Take care, I hope you enjoy your week, Diane

  3. Good to see a child enjoy learning to sew. My kids never had any interest in it.

  4. Fabulous!!! How Gracen has grown since I was visiting!! It's great to see how far a bit of encouragement and time goes. With my grandies spending (more) time here now they're in NZ and living next door I find myself saying, that's Ganma's work room, and I shoo them away - it's disorganised and in need of a good sort to make it safer for the kiddies.... when I do though it's gonna be great :-)