Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Few Feathered Finishes

I decided on fern feather quilting for the background on the arrow quilt. I think it added a nice dimension of movement. Almost like the feathers were flapping in the wind! LOL! 


When I showed it to my daughter, she said that the back looked like "boot stitching"!


After I finished quilting the arrow quilt, I pulled out a UFO - a small table runner. The fabrics were gifted to me by a fellow blogger quite some time ago, and I hand pieced the small lemoyne stars. Then it just sat for a time. I found time to piece the little pinwheel blocks and piece the top. Then it just sat for a time. Then I sandwiched it and yes, it just sat for a time. I wanted to practice hooked feathers for another quilt so I quilted feather wreaths around the stars. A couple of them were a bit wonky as I hadn't quilted them for awhile, but  I was pleased with the overall affect. 

I also finished binding another table topper that I had quilted earlier in the year. I had won the basket blocks in our guild drawing. I had a fun time quilting different designs in each part. 

Hope this finds each of you enjoying this first day of Autumn! 

Blessings and hugs!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Color of Friendship

A couple of years ago my oldest daughter gifted me this lovely notepad. She knows I LOVE pretty stationary and this one was right at the top! 



This notepad rests where I see it several times a day, and I often think to myself: "Self, a quilt made with these colors would be lovely!"  Well...

...a few weeks ago a friend emailed me and asked if my mailing address was the same, as she had a "Quilty" treat for me! We've exchanged a few goodies over the years so I was soooooo excited! But I was overwhelmed beyond words: it was a complete quilt kit and I finished assembling the flimsy a couple of days ago! I LOVE it and plan to get it quilted soon! And yep! Check out those colors.


The pattern was called Roman Holiday, but I'm going to call it "The Color of Friendship"! And will treasure it forever!

Blessings and hugs!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Assistance Please!


I've got this quilt basted and ready to go, but alas I'm a bit stymied about how to quilt it. I know that I want to do in the ditch quilting on the feathers, but what to do for the filler?? It is twin size and is for a little girl's room. BTW my second daughter stitched this one up! Isn't it cute cute!!

Thanks for your suggestions!!

Hope each of you had a pleasant holiday weekend! We had a grand time! The whole family was here, much visiting, rocking grand babies, horseback rides, dove hunting, game playing and of course eating took place! We had family photos taken! Can't wait to see them! Ill share I promise! LOL!

Blessings and hugs!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Elyse's Quilt



We had two new little granddaughters in June born just two weeks apart! Aren't they going to have fun growing up together!! So pleased that I finally finished the second baby quilt! This one was so sweet to stitch! I just loved the fabrics with leaves, raindrops and butterflies! My daughter had decorated the nursery with a woodland theme, so I added the embroidered blocks of baby forest animals. All hand quilted with simple cross hatching in the center and over lapping flower petals in the side triangle border blocks! I rounded the corners a bit to soften the look and I think it gives it an old fashioned appeal. I'm not a fan of cotton candy, but this one reminds me of those fluffy clouds of sugar. Something sweet for our sweet little granddaughter!

Blessings and hugs to all!