Friday, April 28, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange

It is that time again for Stephanie's springtime teacup and mug exchange! It was another super fun time, not only receiving a "surprise" package from a new friend,  but also assembling one for another new friend! Bigs hugs to Stephanie for all her great admistrative talents being used for such an uplifting event!

I sent a gift to a fellow quilter and all around sweet, sweet gal in Connecticut. It was a delight to put together things for Mary because she likes fabric!! Pop in to see not only what I sent (Yep, forgot to take photos before I mailed the package!!) and her other beautiful creations!

I received a fabulous package from a sweet lady in Idaho! What a delight to get to know her! She lovingly created many sweet items for my gift and I will treasure her gifts and thoughtfulness! Marilyn and I even have a Texas connection so we were so excited to "meet" each other! Thanks Marilyn for everything!

Here are the goodies!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017