Thursday, November 16, 2017

Enchanting Rose Tea Cup Exchange

Finally, I’m sitting down and making time to post about Stephanie’s lastest Tea Cup Exchange! She blogs over at The Enchanting Rose and it is always a treat to visit her! 

This year Stephanie paired me with a friend!! It was such a blessing to receive such a wonderful box of goodies from Kris who recently moved from Utah to Oregon and blogs over at Lavender Quilts

Here’s my goodies and I can now say that I have a new favorite tea!! It’s almost gone and can’t wait to order some more!

Little did Kris know,  it I Love blue dishes! And this one fits right in with my collection!

I sent goodies to a new friend, Kitty who is such a dear! She posts every Monday with a recipe and I can hardly wait to read her weekly post! (Though it has been difficult for me as we have been very busy and I really haven’t read many blogs!) LOL!!

Visit Kitty  here and view all her goodies!

Best go for now! Hope this finds each of you doing well!

Blessings and hugs!!


  1. Kris puts together very fun surprise packages. I miss her since she skipped town. :)
    A wonderful array of blue/white teacups, Doniene. And they look great on your little quilts. Hopping over to see what you sent to Kitty.

  2. My mum used to collect blue cups and bottles. Have a good day Diane

  3. What a perfectly beautiful teacup for you, Doniene, and so many other goodies for you to enjoy. You were blessed and so was I, with your thoughtful package.

  4. Oh, pretty, pretty blue. Love your new tea cup lined up with your blue teacup collection. You were gifted with lovely goodies, Doniene.

  5. Your tea cup looks lovely with your other pretty blue tea cups, especially on that quilt.
    That tea sounds wonderful, very flavorful.
    So nice you made it to the party~

  6. What a beautiful package of goodies you received! Life sure is busy and I'm glad that you have time to drink hot tea though, smiles!

  7. What a lovely parcel to receive many goodies and a beautiful blue teacup. Love your blue sewing too :-) xxx

  8. Blue is my favourite colour too so I love your new teacup (and the rest of your collection Sorry to be so late in coming to visit!

  9. Happy New Year, sweet friend! I trust you had a lovely Christmas :)

    Oh, I just love the tea cup Kris sent you! The blue does indeed fit perfectly into your collection {{smiles}}

    Thinking of you, dear one, and praying 2018 is filled with many joys and blessings. Hugs!