Monday, September 5, 2016

Assistance Please!


I've got this quilt basted and ready to go, but alas I'm a bit stymied about how to quilt it. I know that I want to do in the ditch quilting on the feathers, but what to do for the filler?? It is twin size and is for a little girl's room. BTW my second daughter stitched this one up! Isn't it cute cute!!

Thanks for your suggestions!!

Hope each of you had a pleasant holiday weekend! We had a grand time! The whole family was here, much visiting, rocking grand babies, horseback rides, dove hunting, game playing and of course eating took place! We had family photos taken! Can't wait to see them! Ill share I promise! LOL!

Blessings and hugs!


  1. My first thought was that it would be a fun play to quilt feathers between the pieced feathers. But the bold, lineal feel of the pieced feathers doesn't seem to harmonize with "flowy" feathers. If it was mine, I would probably do something like a paisley or swirl background fill. It would be a nice juxtaposition of a rounded design next to the lines of the feathers, but wouldn't feel as formal as the quilted feathers would.
    I'm sure there are other good options that I am not experienced enough to know. There are always several ways to quilt something and each of them would enhance the quilt in their own way.
    I look forward to seeing those family photos!

  2. Beautiful feather quilt - your daughter did a wonderful job piecing this!
    I think a simple element such as echo stitching or diagonal, straight, diamond or cross hatch stitching around the feathers would look nice.
    Something simple & uniform to let the feathers really stand out.

    Whatever you decide, I know it will turn out beautiful!

  3. Clever daughter, a gorgeous quilt. I'd spend lots of time looking at it and still not know what to quilt but I agree, a good start would be the ditch stitching. Maybe wavey lines, and as Janet says maybe feathers would be too swirley, but echo-y type lines with a gentle wave may work??????
    I'm sure you'll nut it out and it will be beautiful :-)
    Sounds like a fabulous weekend - I'm looking forward to seeing the photos too!

  4. Hi my friend, If you are going to machine quilt it, I would suggest a meandering stitch-since it is so angular, curves might soften it a bit.

  5. Stunning quilt! Can't wait to see it finished!

  6. Stunning quilt! Can't wait to see it finished!