Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Few Feathered Finishes

I decided on fern feather quilting for the background on the arrow quilt. I think it added a nice dimension of movement. Almost like the feathers were flapping in the wind! LOL! 


When I showed it to my daughter, she said that the back looked like "boot stitching"!


After I finished quilting the arrow quilt, I pulled out a UFO - a small table runner. The fabrics were gifted to me by a fellow blogger quite some time ago, and I hand pieced the small lemoyne stars. Then it just sat for a time. I found time to piece the little pinwheel blocks and piece the top. Then it just sat for a time. Then I sandwiched it and yes, it just sat for a time. I wanted to practice hooked feathers for another quilt so I quilted feather wreaths around the stars. A couple of them were a bit wonky as I hadn't quilted them for awhile, but  I was pleased with the overall affect. 

I also finished binding another table topper that I had quilted earlier in the year. I had won the basket blocks in our guild drawing. I had a fun time quilting different designs in each part. 

Hope this finds each of you enjoying this first day of Autumn! 

Blessings and hugs!!


  1. The fern feathers were a great idea for the feather quilt! Wonderful way to fill that space!
    Look at you go to town with all of the feathers on your other pieces, too! Was there a lot of blood, sweat, and tears behind the scenes, or did the feathers come to you as naturally as it seems?

  2. Happy Fall to you and yours. I love the quilting on your feather quilt. You've been quite busy. I just finished an appliqué row that is for the pocket on an apron that I'm making my daughter. I've got three other projects to do yet. Hope you have a fantastic evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. You chose the perfect stitch design for this Feather quilt.
    It turned out Gorgeous!
    I love both of your smaller quilt finishes too.

  4. The feather quilt is gorgeous! Great design choice - bet your daughter is very happy with it :-) And a very cute runner too, good idea to practise on the smaller project. Lovely little sampler...looks like you are on a roll with finishes!!

  5. My dearest Doniene, what beautiful creations! The feather quilt is incredibly gorgeous and oh-so-unique!

    Happy hugs to you, sweet lady!