Wednesday, February 7, 2018

This and That

It’s been cool, misty, cloudy and windy the past couple of days, so it has been an opportunity for me to stitch some. Right now I’m taking a short break from piecing a baby quilt top, and thought I would update my activities. Last post I mentioned a flimsy that coordinated with the embroidered bird block that I stitched into a pillow. Here it is! It is a full size bed quilt and I named it Nene’s Flower Garden. Over several years I collected FQs and small yardages of flower prints, but just couldn’t decide what I wanted to make. Last year I was sorting through my boxes of quilting stuff and found the embroidered blocks I had purchased on eBay several years ago. So the blocks and the fabrics sat out where I could “ imagaine” how they could go together. I must say, I like it a lot. Simple and traditional, just my style!

A month or so ago our oldest daughter was rearranging here storage and no longer needed these storage bins. They measure 17” x 13” x 10”, and I thought they would be great in which to store my flimsys. I set them out in my sewing room to remind myself that I need to do some FMQ and not so much piecing for the next few years!! 

There are fourteen flimsys stored here plus a couple of backings I already have pieced! And this isn’t all of my flimsys!! 😳😳😳😳😳 Oh well, I’ll get to them some time!!

Here is flimsy I finished a couple of years ago. It was a BOM called “Where Poppies Grow” published by Kansas City Star Quilts. It is a combination of piecing and hand appliqué. I’m thinking this is on my list to get quilted this year! I forgot how much I like it!!

Here is my current piecing project. A simple pink and gray baby girl quilt for a family friend. The baby is due on Sunday! Don’t think I’ll have it finished by then! LOL!  I am tickled pink, though, all of these squares came from my stash! I will purchase backing, but at least a little dent in the stash!

I also mentioned in my last post about my current leader/ender project. The randomness of this -

...was a bit overwhelming for me! So one evening I spent about three hours and now the triangle stack looks like this:

And this is how they are going together:

The four hourglass blocks pieced into a 4 1/4” (unfinished) block and since I don’t do “randomness” very well, I decided to piece by color and use light prints for setting squares! Another scrap/stash buster!

I also get my “Myrtle “ therapy most every day  and have stitched up some more log cabin blocks. I am stretching myself, as you can see, I have quite the variety of color  combos, from traditional coordinating brown tones, to way out wacko brights!!

Hope this finds each of you having a blessed day!!


  1. So much to love here, Doniene! Your floral top with the embroidered blocks is wonderful! Great combination!
    You probably have me beat on flimsies--if you only count the bed size. If I can throw in the minis, I might come out on top (or the bottom, depending on whether or not you think a mountain of flimsies is good or bad). :)
    I don't do random well, either. I am intrigued by the way you are sewing the light square to the pieced block as you go.
    I like the way your log cabin blocks are displayed.
    Great closing thought!!

  2. Gosh you are so busy in the house and you still find time to work your dogs and help on the farm. Your quilts are beautiful. Love those storage bins I could do with some of those :-) Take it easy Diane

  3. I collected the "Where Poppies Grow" black designs at one time but all those leaves repeating so many times did not appeal to my applique desires. Your blocks turned out wonderful.
    The embroidered blocks made such a nice quilt. A good E-Bay purchase.

  4. You have been one busy gal! I just love all the beautiful things that you are making! Love those storage bins, so fun to store fabric in. I don't know how you manage to do all you do and help in the farm too! Blessings to you dear friend!

  5. Every time I visit your beautiful place, I am always delighted at the lovely quilts you have in progress. There is so much loveliness to be seen in this post. Nene's Flower Garden is beautiful with all those pretty embroideries as the stars. Those storage bins are cool. My oh my that is a lot of flimsies. I can hear the joy in your 'voice' as you write about each one of your pretties. All are fabulous!

  6. So much inspiration here Doniene, I love what you did with the embroidered blocks and florals. Great storage for your flimsies...mine are stored in vcarious places around the room - not sure what the count would be if I was to gather them all together! The pink and grey are just lovely together.... actually all your projects are wonderful!

  7. The quilt with the hand embroidered pieces is amazing. I think you used those blocks to the best advantage and now you have this beautiful quilt. Your two storage boxes work well with your sewing space and you already have them all filled. I love the pieced and appliquéd quilt top. The baby quilt is pink and precious! Always nice when we can use fabric we already have in our inventory. I too have boxes full of little pieces of fabric. I can never throw them away. You are making nice use of yours and the log cabin blocks are always a fun block to sew.