Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Full Fledged Finish!

Gracen knew her quilt was coming, and I finished it up just in time for her fifth birthday! But I added some more little goodies, too!

Her mama pieced the top and I quilted it with an all-over design of vining whimsical flowers and leaves. I think the fabrics are so pretty and fun, and though it was a big quilt (90"x100"), I never tired of stitching!

The backing was such a perfect compliment! Mama did a good job!


I added coordinating pillow cases.

...and a doll quilt and pillow for new Sophia doll!


  1. Such a beautiful quilt, singing with bright, happy, sunshiney colour. The backing is perfect and oh, what a lovely job you did with the quilting. Gracen is going to love her quilty hug and the pillowcases AND the little quilt for Sophia doll! Everything is just perfect!

  2. That is a wonderful, large, quilty hug for Gracen to enjoy now and as she grows. And how sweet to have a matching dolly quilt and pillow.
    Your quilting looks great, Doniene!

  3. Love it all, Clever lady. Take care Diane

  4. Great teamwork with you and your daughter making this quilt - it is gorgeous and I bet Gracen loves it forever! What a fun idea to make a matching pillowcase plus the doll's quilt and pillow. You are right, the backing fabric is perfect - and looks great on the front of things as well!

  5. The quilt is so beautiful! What a great job that you and your daughter did. Yes, dollies need matching things, too.
    I loved seeing the wedding pics. What a beautiful family you have, Doniene. Our youngest son and DIL got married in Dripping Springs at a beautiful outdoor setting back in 2012. Thankfully it was before my late beloved passed away.