Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tea Cup Exchange


So, most of you know I love quilts and everything that goes with them, and you know that I live on a ranch in central Texas with my husband where we have horses, cattle, goats and sheep. You may even know that we use Border Collies and that I love training them and enjoy participating in Sheep Dog Trials. You also know that I'm Nene to 5 (almost 6) darling grandkids. But one more love I have is "pretty dishes". I was raised on a ranch on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. The ranch was established by my great grandfather about 1900 and is still in the family. Ranch life is hard dirty work even for the women in my family, but my grandmother demanded that we all have clean faces, clean hands, combed hair and good manners when we sat at her table and it always had pretty dishes! Made me feel like a "fine lady" like those I read about in books.

So...when I found sweet Stephanie's blog, I just knew that I wanted to participate in her tea cup exchange. I not only love pretty dishes, but also collect tea cups and saucers! In this particular exchange, each person makes two new friends - one you send to, and another that you receive from!
My tea cup and lovely, lovely goodies came from Kim who lives in Australia.

There are not enough words to express how thrilled I was with the wonderful treasures!
Kim and I have corresponded, but another Great Big Thank You!

I sent a gift to a sweet, sweet lady in the UK, named Dawn. She mentioned that she like silver, so that was my main color. These were the goodies I sent to her.

Her Thank You  to me was so very, very sweet and homemade!

Isn't it delightful!!

Here's a link to Stephanie's Blog where you can view all the gifts that transversed the globe!

Blessings and hugs to each of you!


  1. Hello Doniene~~ It's so nice to meet you through my dear Stephanie's beautiful exchange. You have a lovely place here and I appreciated reading all about you and enjoying what your grandmother demanded at the table, yet, you love the finer things being a hard working gal on the ranch :-)
    Kim is a sweet great and her taste is beautiful. That is one gorgeous tea cup with such pretty gifts to go along with it.
    I was impressed with the silver edged trio tea cup you gifted Dawn, just lovely.


  2. Sweet friend, the package you sent to Dawn is incredibly beautiful! Oh, I just LOVE the handmade items and they look perfect with the glorious tea cup. You certainly have an eye for beauty, dear Doniene :)

    And the delights you received from Kim, be still my hear! What enchantment! Kim is such a darling lady and has impeccable taste. Enjoy your tea goodies.

    Love and hugs to you!

  3. What a delight it was to have you as my tea cup exchange partner, Doniene! I loved sending you all those pretties. I must say, I love the gorgeous handmade gifts you sent to Dawn; all are beautiful. The tea cup you chose for her is divine; it is so delicate and pretty!

  4. Such a lovely teacup! It looks like such a nice size, and what a pretty saucer to go with it. <3

  5. What a pretty little tea cup!! And such fun goodies she tucked in there with it, Doniene! I'm so glad you were able to participate. I know what you mean, too, about enjoy feminine things. I live in an RV in the middle of nowhere woods. Our life is campfires and leaves and insects. It's nice to come inside and brew a cup of tea in a beautiful teacup, and thinking pretty thoughts!! :)

  6. Dear Doniene, I have so enjoyed seeing what everyone received and also gave. I didn't realize you were raised on the Western Slope, now I'm wondering where specifically. My hubby's great grandparents lived in Leadville, Aspen and Meeker and his great Grandmother was Molly Brown's best friend. I also didn't know you love china, especially tea cups. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Love, Noreen

  7. Hi Doniene! I enjoyed reading about your time at your grandmother's table at the family ranch, and now you have a lovely new teacup to remind you of those times!

  8. So nice to write about your background, very interesting. And love the gifts, all so pretty.

  9. Sounds like fun and even more so if you drink tea which we don't. Something we both hate for some unknown reason. Have a good weekend Diane

  10. What a very special gift exchange!
    All of those gifts and teacups are beautiful!
    It's always such a wonderful feeling and blessing to know that the sentiment attached is as precious as the gifts received.

  11. What a fun thing to participate in !

  12. Wonderful exchange! The cup you received is lovely and different. So many lovely treasures. Have fun and tea filled week!

  13. Well, you couldn't have been paired up with a "finer lady" than Kim! She is such a sweetheart and loves her teacups and tea time ;) She sent such a beautiful cup ... love those dainty stripes and scalloped saucer. So many pretties came with it too. You sent such beautiful items to Dawn as well. I think it's the best to receive handmade items.
    I enjoyed reading your introductory paragraph on this post ... beautiful memories of your grandmother. Having pretty dishes to serve up the meals makes you appreciate the meal even more. Enjoy your day!

  14. Hi Doniene - lovely to have met you through this exchange! I so appreciate what you sent me and I love the photos of how you're using what you've received around your home. And, like your other visitors, it's lovely to find out even more about your home and your family.

    Take Care


  15. How lovely Doniene, that these exchange made you both so happy!

  16. How exciting to receive a package all the way from Oz! Love both the teacups--they're gorgeous!

  17. This is fabulous Doniene!! Such a lovely swap - both what you received and what you sent - your handmade goodies are beautiful ♥